Lukas Blohan wins Pro Tour Eldritch Moon

Well, after trying and failing miserably to stay up for the live coverage, we wake up this morning in a gloriously sunny UK to your newest Pro Tour Champion, with a 3-0 win Owen Turtenwald Lukas Blohan wins Pro tour Eldritch Moon.


The fairy tale wasn’t to be for Owen Turtenwald.  After a Hall of Fame nomination, taking the player of the year title and making the top 8 of the final Pro Tour of the season, the Pro Tour title was one step too far to complete a memorable weekend for Turtenwald as he was comprehensively beaten 3-0 in the final by Lukas Blohan.

Lukas’ route to the final wasn’t easy.  Beating Ken Yukihiro in the quarter final, he followed up wih a semi-final win over Sam Pardee, before facing newly crowned palyer of the year Turtenwald in the final.

Turtenwald’s route to the final was no less difficult, beating Yuta Takahashi in the quarter final and, appearing in his third Pro Tour top 8 in a row (a feat not seen for nearly 20 years), Luis Scott-Vargas in the semi final.

This Pro Tour top 8 was certainly one for the ages and to whoever won was going to have to beat some of THE very best players in Magic right now, and that’s exactly what Lukas did. Our congratulations go out to Lukas and all of those competing in the top 8.  What a season closer, can’t wait for Worlds.

For replays for all the action check out

You can check out the decks that made the top 8 here



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