One Night in Karazhan: Early Highlights


It’s been just under a week since the official announcement of Hearthstone’s latest adventure was announced and we already know 1/3 of the 45 new cards being introduced.

So, of the 15 that have been revealed so far, which ones stand out?

Babbling Book

Straight of the bat is this guy that’s got everybody talking already, the Babbling Book

Babbling Book

1 mana for a 1/1 is fairly standard, however, with Yogg Tempo Mage already being in the top tier of competitive decks, the extra spell from turn one makes this little fella a prime turn 1 play.  Even in other mage decks, there are very few mage spells that are unusable, which is why Cabalist’s Tome has proved so popular.

If you face a mage once Karazhan has been released, expect to see this on turn 1, a lot.

Kindly Grandmother

Next up, some love for Hunters. Ever since Face Hunter was nerfed, there hasn’t really been a competitive Hunter deck.  Don’t get me wrong, there have been “ok” and “solid” Hunter decks, but nothing really with the dominance that Face Hunter had.

The main reason for this is Hunter doesn’t have a lot of decent early game options, particularly in standard.  It has 2 of the best mid-late game options in the format in Savannah Highmane and Call of the Wild, but getting there has proved a tricky combo to crack.


Step in Kindly Grandmother.  This could very well be the early game card that Mid-Range Hunter has been lacking to move it from a nice solid deck to a serious legend rank staple.

This is a great turn 2 play. One of 2 things will happen, your guaranteed a minion on turn 3, or your opponent burns a lot to get rid of both and is behind on card advantage.  Add to that the fact that both Kindly Grandmother and Big Bad Wolf are beasts and you really have got an almost perfect Hunter card here.  Again, like the babbling book, expect to see this a lot post release.

Enchanted Raven

My last pick, and this might be a bit out there but stick with me on this one, is the Druid card Enchanted Raven.  Enchanted Raven

When new sets get released, vanilla monsters tend to get overlooked in favour of the flashy legendaries and effect laden cousins.  But I feel that this one stands out as an incredibly solid card for a class that has been the number 1 ramp deck in the game.

Think about this for an opening hand:

Enchanted Raven, Wild Growth, Living Roots, Coin, A.N. Other

Now, in the past most people would have made the coin/wild growth play.  Now you can get 3 minions on the board on turn 1.  The control Living Roots offers already makes it a solid 1st move, add a 2/2 into the mix and the turn 2 Wild Growth, you’re now ahead on mana and board presence.  All from the introduction of this one little Raven.

Honourable Mention – Moroes

I’m putting this here because I can’t help but feel that there is more to come for this card.

MoroesOn the face of it, this is one of, if not THE worst legendary Hearthstone has produced.  Two 1/1’s for 3 mana is awful, because lets face it, he’s unlikely to stic around for too long. Druids get the same for 1 mana off living roots.  There are common cards with better stats/effects than this, so I just can’t shake the feeling there’s a Stalagg/Feugen style twist coming for this card.  I might be completely wrong, but watch this space as more cards are revelead.

That’s my pick from the releases so far, what do you think?  Agree? Disagree? Sound off in the comments below.





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