One Night In Karazhan – 1st Legendary’s revealed


Less than 4 hours removed from the official announcement and the card previews are now starting to arrive, be discussed and dissected.  So we’re going to start off our One Night in Karazhan previews with a look at the 1st two legendary cards to be revealed.


1st up, Barnes.  We saw a little bit of game play footage from this card in this mornings live presentation but honestly, I’m a little underwhelmed by this card.  Base stats of 3/4 for a 4 mana card isn’t the greatest, and the effect, though it has potential, as shown in this mornings footage when it pulled Archmage Antonidas.  Rogue’s Shadowcaster has a similar mechanic an is a card I am a huge fan of.  But I feel where Shadowcaster gives you more control over the minion you get, this is a little too reliant on RNG for my liking.

Still, that’s not to say there won’t be a place for this card.  In spell heavy, minion light decks like the most recent version of Tempo Mage. Getting a Sorcerer’s Apprentice or any form of spell damage minion could easily be enough to close out a game.  Based on first impressions I can’t see it fitting in too many other decks though, however after a few days mulling it over I could be wrong.


Next up is The Curator.  First off, the artwork on this card is beautiful, and I genuinely can’t wait to see it in all it’s golden glory.  Now again, the base stats for the mana cost aren’t the greatest, with only 1 extra health than the likes of 4 mana drops such as Chilwind Yeti and Mechanical Yeti and has the same base stats as 5 mana drops such as Druid of the Claw and Djinni of Zephyrs.

So what are we getting for our extra mana.  Card draw is always good in any TCG, physical or online.  So at a basic level a 4/6 body and 3 cards seems like a pretty decent deal for 7 mana.  Looking at the cards you get though, it’s hard to work out which deck will be running Dragons, Murlocs AND Beasts.  2 of the is easily doable for most classes, but all 3?  I’m not so sure.

Still, I can certainly see some interesting interactions in Paladin and Shaman decks straight away, and I’m going to enjoy seeing what I can do with it in my Paly decks, especially in wild.

So what’s your take on these cards?  Sound of in the comments section below.



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