A Hearthstone Party


That’s right, after weeks of rumour and speculation, Hearthstone lead designer Ben Brode took to the stage at China Joy this morning (UK time) to make it official.  Hearthstone is going to Karazhan.

We have been invited by Azeroth’s “most eligible bachelor” to a party of epic proportions. Unfortunately, Medivh has gone missing, and the enchantments to the tower that were designed to entertain, have now gone a little bit wild.

So, what do we know?  One Night in Karazhan will have a total of 45 new cards and 13 boss encounters.  As with previous adventures, each wing will be released weekly and there will also be a free prelude event.  Purchase the full adventure in the 1st week of release and you will be awarded with a bonus card back.


The prelude event will award cards as well so even if you don’t fancy the adventure it’s worth doing.

We were also shown a number of other cards from the set, including the 1st legendary reveal.  As you unlock each wing you will ascend the tower, unlike previous adventures where you go down the wings.  A nice little touch to fit with the theme of the adventure


Overall I am very excited for this, Karazhan was/still is one of my favourite raids in Warcraft and I am loving the wonderfully insane Hearthstone spin on it.  We’ll be looking at some of the revealed cards in more depth in later posts so be sure to check back for them.  Or to check them out now and keep up to date with all the information go to the official One Night in Karazhan page.


Oh, yeah, one more thing.  Just a tiny little thing really.  The party starts in just 2 weeks!


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