GP Manchester This Weekend


Good luck to everyone travelling to the Magic the Gathering Grand Prix in Manchester this weekend and competing in the main event.

Our very own Craig is taking his RB Dragons deck to the main event so we’ll hopefully have some great photos of the event for those who can’t make it.

If you aren’t in the main event its still worth popping down if you are in the area as the hosts, Mindsports Academy, have put on a whole host of side events for the weekend.  Check out the full side event schedule here

The official fact sheet for the event can also be found here


Palp Aces and Maneuver Dials NOW IN STOCK!!

FFG0200_StarWars_X-Wing_Coreset_Header (760x225) (2)

We have had a re-stock of some of the hottest X-Wing Miniatures Game items right now!

1st up we have the new Maneuver Dial Upgrade Kits for all 3 factions.  These have already proven incredibly popular and are already sold out in many places.  At just £8.49 you can’t afford to hang around on these, check them out here.

Next, we have two parts of the incredibly popular “Palp Aces” list back in stock.  We are offering 15% OFF RRP on both the Lambda Class Shuttle and the TIE Interceptor, and for this week only FREE UK P&P.  Again, these are extremely popular so grab them before they go.


A whole heap of Magic

Last night Wizards of the Coast announced a huge shake up in how they announce future Magic The Gathering products.  As of last night there will 2 announcements per year, Spring and Winter, detailing the upcoming six months of products.

Starting with last night’s spring announcement we now now we will  be travelling to the home plane of my favourite planeswalker, Chandra Nalaar, we’ll see the rematch from Zendikar as Nissa takes on Ob Nixilis, there’s 4 colour commanders on the way and so much more.  You can check out the full announcement here.

I personally think this a great move, and I’m clearly not the only one as within hours of the announcement, Kaladesh was trending on Twitter.  I’m already looking forward to the winter announcement.




Channel Fireball Power Rankings – Week 5

The latest Channel Fireball Power Rankings are up and the impact of Pro Tour Shadows over Innistrad is now being felt.  Languish up 6 to this weeks number 1 and Cryptolith Rite, a new entry at number 2, were the the stand outs at the Pro Tour and so unsurprisingly take the top 2 spots.

The full top 8 for Week 5 is:

1 – Languish

2 – Cryptolith Rite

3 – Dromoka’s Command

4 – Nissa, Voice of Zendikar

5 – Transgress the Mind

6 – Duskwatch Recruiter

7 – Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet

8 – Goblin Dark Dwellers

You can check out the list in detail right here.